Three women sit on a panel to answer questions about the tech industry

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Woman of the Week helps students learn about important topics in computer science--like cryptography, algorithmic bias, and data science--and explore the many different roles in the tech industry by learning about the women who are doing this work every day! For each woman we feature, we've put together a summary of her work, a video (or multiple videos!) where she talks about her work, and a curated list of reading, lesson ideas, and activities that will allow students to further explore that work. Try introducing a different woman to your class every week!

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Mica Alaniz

software engineer
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Laura Gómez

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Elizebeth Smith Friedman

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Joy Buolamwini

computer scientist, founder of the Algorithmic Justice League
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Kate Hartman

computer scientist, artist, professor
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Parisa Tabriz

cybersecurity expert

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